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How to Run Contests with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot? 🎁

✍️ Written by: Zuza Śliwińska

One thing that you may not know about chatbots is that they serve as a great alternative to landing pages, when it comes to organizing contests. Why is it worth going for a chatbot instead of a contest www?

👉 Chatbots can serve multiple purposes and be easily adjusted or even totally changed in the future, but the subscribers group stays, assigned to your Facebook profile. It means that all the users, who took part in your contest can be activated anytime you want to distribute another promotional action or any other type of content,

👉 When your contest ends, your landing page basically goes to the trash, so you pay for a page that will serve you for just this one occasion. With a chatbot, you get an engaged group of users that you can activate in the future or utilize as a Lookalike Audience in Facebook’s Ad Manager,

👉 The information about a contest like e.g. instructions on how to enter are distributed step by step, using a conversational interface, which makes users more engaged and your how to enter easier to digest,

👉 A chatbot can take care of the whole process of contest distribution – from explaining the rules, showing off prizes, gathering entries and verifying them, collecting contact information and finally – notifying the winners,

👉 Chatbots are continually perceived as innovative and interesting by the users, while a landing page is the same old format marketers have been using for years now – they’re just not engaging enough!

So now that you see the value in a chatbot as a distribution mechanism for your next contest, how to organize it?

The whole process is not that much different from the usual steps you as a marketer need to take using other methods, especially in the first stages. Anyhow, it’s worth knowing how to do it best:

1️⃣ Come up with an idea for the activation – it probably coincides with an upcoming campaign, product launch or an already established strategy for your brand;

2️⃣ Set a goal – which target group would you like to engage, how many entries will be satisfying for you, what effect should this contest have on the consumer?;

3️⃣ Pick the right format – based on your set goals, what type of a contest will serve your target audience best? It could be a photo- or video-gathering, creative answer, voting or survey promotion, a quiz or trivia contest or even more engaging experience based on gamification – all of this can be done via a chatbot;

4️⃣ Together with your chatbot provider, come up with the following: the timeline for the contest, instructions on how to enter, data-gathering process, prizes and other incentives, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and turn all of this information into a conversation-like flow,

5️⃣ Publish the contest and if you already have a subscriber base, send a message to all reachable users to give your activation an extra boost,

6️⃣ Promote your chatbot using Facebook Ads Manager or any other type of online ad with a click-through as an objective;

7️⃣ Now you can just sit back and have a chatbot answering all the questions from the users, gathering and verifying entries and finally notifying the winners!

And finally, since you know how it all works, let’s have a round of DOs and DON’Ts for a contest chatbot:

✅ DOs:

✅ Personalize the experience as much as possible – use attributes like {{first name}} or other data points that will improve the user experience,

✅ Think of all the questions that the users can have about the contest and put the answers inside the chatbot,

✅ Give the instructions step by step to maximize the engagement,

✅ Utilize photo and video content to make the interaction more attractive,

Surprise the user with something innovative and fresh like an AR effect or a game,

✅ Test each and every path before publishing!

⛔️ DON’Ts:

⛔️ Don’t use indirect speech, remember that this is a one-on-one interaction,

⛔️ Don’t send too long messages that nobody likes to read,

⛔️ Don’t use too official or stiff language (boring),

⛔️ Don’t forget about your primary objectives, so that you can adjust the activation anytime it’s going off course,

⛔️ Don’t start off the conversation with a corporate intro nobody cares about, go right to the chase!

That’s it! If you’re interested in organize a contest using a Facebook Messenger chatbot, hit us up at 😊

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