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🎉 Let’s celebrate with McDonald’s! It’s Big Mac’s 50th Birthday! 🎂🍔

Is there anyone on Earth, who doesn’t know what Big Mac is? Probably not. So everyone should also know that the famous burger just turned 50! On this special occasion, we’ve teamed up with McDonald’s to deliver a celebratory experience for all Big Mac’s fans, inside a Messenger Chatbot. The whole activation put strong emphasis on storytelling, allowing consumers to hear Big Mac’s story, get to know the details of the ongoing “50 Years of Big Mac Lottery” and engage in various activations with a dedicated Messenger Game and Facebook Camera Effect. (Yup, we deliver it all – Chatbots, AR Lenses and Games)

Bot Like You x McDonald’s: The Story

First off, the goal was to deliver both entertaining and informative experience through the Chatbot. A huge engagement point was the fact that the Chatbot took on a role of Big Mac himself. Additionally, every few messages user could choose an attitude towards delivered information, so that even those, who are a bit sceptical about such activations, could find their own voice.

The lottery module was strictly informative and took the user through every step of lottery’s procedures checking if all the requirements are met. Providing a direct click-through to download the McDonald’s app was just a beginning. Users could see the mechanism of the lottery, terms & conditions and prizes as well.

A huge thing for us was allowing consumers to use the Facebook Camera Effect which was produced by the Lens That team. If somebody wouldn’t know what an AR effect is, Big Mac would explain it in. And he was really eager to get the birthday wishes from the fans using this feature!

Next, there was a Messenger Tetris-like game launched in a webview inside the Messenger ecosystem, giving a seamless experience without getting out of the Chatbot. We set a simple task to make four Big Macs as fast as possible and with no mistakes in the order of ingredients. People got to know what Big Mac is made of by the way!

If someone was interested in the details of Big Mac’s history, a special module was constructed to get back to 1968 and go ahead with fun facts of Jim Delligatti’s most famous burger.

Last thing to do was being introduced to the special editions of Big Mac prepared especially for his anniversary. We also provided a background story with a TV commercial and information about the Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr.

This kind of activation, which offers various formats and engagement points inside one application is definitely a way to go, when you want to really WOW your audience. What’s even cooler, you can get all those fun things from one provider! Write to us at We can prepare a free mockup for your brand in 48 hours max!

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