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Recognize the great features of new Motorola One presented with this gamified Chatbot activation! 🎮📲

Motorola has recently launched a new smartphone called Motorola One. On that occasion, we decided to create a simple, yet very interactive and useful chatbot. It’s main goal was to distribute a contest, where users could win a new smartphone. Since we’re also creating Messenger games, the team came up with a MEMO game, inspired by one of the coolest functions of Motorola One – object recognition. Basically, users had to combine the name of a feature with the right icon from promotional materials.

Bot Like You x Motorola – The Story

Since we’ve been focusing on brand and product awareness, we’ve also added a few buttons, which allowed users to check out all the information about Motorola One. Thanks to combining the two – contest and edu – we got the users to find out more about the new smartphone and make the whole experience both fun for the user and  important for the brand. To put it in numbers, the game was played almost 25k times by over 2,2k users. Almost 20% of them also went to the product page.

In case you’d like to entertain your users while promoting your products or services, chatbot filled with both information and interactive, fun contest seems to do the trick. Hit us up at to talk about your next campaign!

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