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Polish Comedy Central fans got an opportunity to celebrate the Independence Day with a branded AR effect! 🎉🇵🇱

As a continuation of the promotional campaign for the upcoming season of Drunk History on Comedy Central, we’ve launched another scenario inside a Messenger Chatbot. Just like before, we’ve focused on storytelling in it’s most interactive and creative form. This time, we’ve put Polish Independence Day in the center of communication, since it was one of the most important events in Polish history. This year is was extremely special, since Poles celebrated 100th anniversary of getting back their full autonomy.

Screens from Comedy Central Messenger Experience

The most exciting part of this activation was definitely an AR effect, which allowed users to become Józef Piłsudski – a man who stood behind the restoration of Polish Independence in 1918. His most recognizable feature was his huge mustache together with a ‘Maciejówka’ cap. After opening one’s mouth a special effect was triggered – white and red confetti was falling down the screen. By combining our chatbot with the AR effect, we’ve managed to fulfil all the objectives we set together with our client: inform the fans about the upcoming season, tease the show with an interactive storytelling activation and boost both brand awareness and positive image of the brand with unique elements like the AR effect.

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