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Have you seen Drunk History on Comedy Central? Become a part of the show and mix some stories up with this playable Messenger Chatbot! 🍹🤩

Drunk History is definitely one of the most entertaining shows out there. Watching celebrities telling a story after a few drinks – it doesn’t get much better than this. Yet, it did! With this chatbot we’ve prepared with Comedy Central you can become the storyteller and mix things up Drunk History style! Additionally, we’ve created a thematic game called Drunk Pong to make this activation even more fun!

What’s really cool and unique about this chatbot is that it’s fully interactive – the user decides which path he or she wants to take and what they see next depends on their previous choices. It’s not that common in promotional activations, but we wanted to put the whole idea of the show, which is creative storytelling, in the center of this experience.

Screens from Comedy Central Messenger Experience

Another cool feature was a game called Drunk Pong. First, user had to pick which historical figure he/she wants to play as. Next step was to pick the opponent. Then, the user had to score 3 points before losing 3 lives. In between points, the ball became blurred – just to keep the ‘Drunk’ feature in the game too. As you can see, chatbots can be used in all sorts of promotional activations. They perfectly adapt to any kind of brand, product, service or communication style.

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