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Pepsi encourages users to find their Christmas spirit with a video-filled chatbot! πŸ”΅πŸ”ŽπŸŽ…

Polish branch of Pepsi – one of the most famous brands in the world, decided to run a Christmas contest and inform users about it via a pretty secretive chatbot. The first part was focused on a TV commercial about Pepsi cans, lost by elves, who were preparing a Christmas-themed party. Users had to decide, which elf stole the drinks, based on video clips with testimonies from the elves. A few days later, the chatbot solved a mystery – it was actually a group of influencers, who stole the Pepsi!

Screens from Pepsi Messenger Experience

The whole step-by-step process of engaging users further and further was managed with push notifications, sent only to users who agreed to receive them. Then, we teased the contest and brought the Christmas spirit to Pepsi fans’ phones. The contest itself was conducted via Instagram, but the brand sought the opportunity in engaging users with a chatbot before teasing the contest itself.

Chatbots are useful both on day-to-day basis and during a RTM-focused activations. Basically, you can distribute any kind of content via Messenger, which is a great advantage of this platform in terms of social media marketing campaigns. Hit us up at in case you’re looking for a partner with a rich experience and portfolio, we’re ready for a challenge!

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