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Wish your eyelashes were thicker or more dense? This Chatbot together with an AR effect makes your dreams come true! 👁✨

Long4Lashes is a Polish cosmetics brand with a huge presence in Europe. Now, the company is expanding to other markets, mostly Asia. This chatbot was distributed on their Global fanpage and was meant to show amazing effects of using their eyelash serum. We did exactly that with a simple, yet very eye-catching AR effect. It made your eyelashes more visible – dense and long – after triggering the effect by sending a kiss.

Screens from Long4Lashes Messenger Experience

To make the chatbot more useful, we’ve added a product-oriented module, which allowed users to click-through to brand’s website for particular products after filtering the options interesting for the users, a FAQ section and Where to Buy? piece, where users could share their location and find the nearest store with L4L products. This last feature is very practical and useful – you can check where to buy L4L products in 2 easy steps – all you have to do is open the right category and share your current or default location.

If you’re searching for a new way to present your brand and communicate with our audience, you should definitely check out Messenger Chatbots. Write to us at, we’re positive that together we can come up with a truly special activation.

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