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The Ultimate Combo: Chatbot with a Contest Based on AR Gaming Experience 🤖🤳⚽️

Samsung’s activation on the occasion of FIFA 2018 World Cup, strictly connected with launching new Galaxy S9 was a total gamechanger. The whole action was focused on soccer, new smartphone and positive emotions, so we decided to offer a perfect combo: Chatbot with a contest and an AR Game.

Bot Like You x Samsung: The Story

The contest was simple but made to awake one’s curiosity – The AR challenge! We’ve proposed a combination of entertaining AR game that served as an introduction to the contest. The Camera Effect based on the over head keepie uppie game. Players were supposed to perform at least 3 consecutive headers in order to qualify to the contest – returning to the chatbot with a photo of the result and sending it was the first part of the contest.

Second part was an open question, rather a formality, but connected with the main player in this game, the latest Samsung S9 and football itself. What football action would you film using the S9’s super slow-mo mode? Yup, it was a true hat trick: Chatbot, AR Challenge and gamification-based contest in one activation!

If your goal is to keep control over your side of the Social Media field, pass the ball to and let’s score some points!

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