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Having a trouble to come up with some cool gift ideas? Here comes the help in a form of Gift-finding Chatbot! πŸ”ŽπŸŽπŸ€–

Drogerie Natura is a polish branch of cosmetics stores. On the occasion of Christmas holidays, they wanted to prepare something special for their fans. Together we came up with a gift-proposing chatbot, based on a few basic questions like: For whom are you searching the gift for? or How much would you like to spend on it? The chatbot gave at least two gift options for each combination, so that eventually you could still choose what to buy yourself – just the options pool was much more narrow, which made the decision process easier and quicker.

Screens from Drogerie Natura Messenger Experience

It was pretty simple, yet very useful for the users – who doesn’t have any problems with coming up with present ideas? Especially during Christmas time, when you have to buy them for 10+ people with different needs and preferences. Each gift-suggestion had a button allowing users to go to product’s website and immediately buy it online.

In case you’d like to get a chatbot for your brand, hit us up at We’ll prepare a free video visualisation for you in 48 hours tops!

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