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Wondering What’s New on Discovery Channel? 🤔 Discover the Prime Time Schedule with Just a Few Clicks! 📺

A simple Chatbot presenting a prime time 10 PM weekly schedule on Discovery Channel. The whole band of shows was called: Adventure. Passion. Adrenaline.

Descriptions, details and trailers. Everything way faster and easier than anywhere else. In one, intuitive loop of information on demand. Since we are on Facebook and Messenger anyway, this is a lot easier than entering the page to get the info.

Screens from Discovery Channel Adventure. Passion. Adrenaline. Messenger Experience

Of course, we wouldn’t issue a Chatbot without adding something extra. Since we had to deal with the prime time palette of shows it seemed natural to suggest a specific one on the basis of users preferences. Hence the Personality Quiz, where the final outcomes recommended the perfect show for each user.

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