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Run off to the Wilderness of Bieszczady Mountains with the Discovery Channel’s Messenger Bot 🌿🤳

How can a traditional TV compete with streaming services like Netflix in the run for personalisation and engagement? How to help young viewers watch the next episode of their favourite show exactly at the given time when they are so accustomed to just hitting “play” whenever they want? Finally, is there a way to creatively use smartphones by TV channels? We believe that there is a simple answer to all of these questions: a Messenger Chatbot. And the best proof of that is our bot created for Discovery Channel’s show “Przystanek Bieszczady”.

Screens from Discovery Channel Przystanek Bieszczady Messenger Experience

The show is a documentary about Bieszczady Mountains, one of the most untamed, non-urbanized and beautiful parts of Poland. After the quick introduction, one simple template provides transparency and great user experience, neatly unveiling the variety of what the bot has to offer.

We’ve created a quiz called “Are Bieszczady Mountains THE Place for you?”, testing if the user’s personality and lifestyle suit living in the wilderness. Messenger is actually a perfect place for such quizzes, since you can easily share them with your friends.

The Chatbot also provided the information of when the next episode will air and when the reruns will be broadcasted. What is more, if your friends forgot to remind you of the upcoming episode, the bot will do it just as they would have – just a simple message in the Messenger app, without the need of any third-party apps.

Last but certainly not least, the Chatbot is combined with a Facebook Camera Effect, which lets everyone become the Treant – a 3D symbol of Przystanek Bieszczady show. Here you can read more about the Effect created by Lens That and try it out yourself.

It is fair to say that everybody uses Messenger – especially those who are too young to read TV magazines. And while there are only a few who would download assisting app for any TV show, having the Chatbot with all that stuff we just described somewhere between their Messenger conversations can be really, really tempting to check out. Fans can watch the show on TV and deepen their experience on their smartphones. The last great thing is that the Chatbot stays with the fans as long as they want. When a year later the new season of the show comes, or a new interesting series will come up on that channel, they won’t be surprised, as the Chatbot will bring them the good news!

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