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Get Ready for the Ride with American Chopper 😎 Yup, the Legend is Back! πŸ”™πŸπŸ

The crazy chopper-crafting family is back with new high octane quarrels and more of them two-wheeler beauties! We have to admit it, we went all the way with this project. This Chatbot included a Facebook Camera Effect, A GIF-filled quiz and all the essential info about the series.

Bot Like You x Discovery Channel: American Chopper: The Story

The Camera Effect included sunglasses, moustache, a branded bandana, a desert background and, of course, the chopper! You could simply see yourself looking like Paul Teutul Sr (the show’s protagonist) himself! Great way to get the riding vibe before the show or record a clip for petrolhead friends! About the Gif-filled quiz, you know how β€˜memeous’ can the Teutuls family be, that’s basically what makes the show so entertaining. The quiz fitted perfectly as the show came back after quite a while. It was the best way to revive the memories and have a nice, fresh introduction to the new episodes.

Apart from the two features, we have the usual portion of easily accessible information such as general info about the series, airing schedule, trailers and character presentation.

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