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Get ready for the Honor 10 Challenge! 🏆 It included AR Lens, a few Games and a whole lotta FUN! 🤖🕺

Have you ever wondered what makes us do things that we would normally never do? Or didn’t even think of doing them? That’s right – CHALLENGES. Ice Bucket Challenge, In My Feelings, Say Anything, there are lots of those online. Yet, users can never get enough of them. So, together with Honor, Huawei’s smartphone brand, we decided to start the Honor Challenge, available through a Messenger Chatbot.

Bot Like You x Huawei Honor: The Story

It was not about doing weird stuff and publishing it on YouTube, but was definitely equally fun and engaging. What’s truly important about the challenge format, is that it has the power of building a community of users, sharing content and spreading the word about the whole action.

The challenge took 5 days and 5 tasks to finish. The first task was a Photo Quiz, where user had to decide if a certain pic was taken by a professional photographer, or an amateur using Honor 10. This way, we could show off the camera features of a new smartphone. The next day, the user was to discover a Facebook Camera Effect, which promoted the Aurora design of Honor 10, by allowing to take a selfie with a North Pole Aurora-like, branded filter. Pretty cool, right? Then, we introduced two games: one was a battery charging challenge (just tap as fast as you can) and the latter one was a Candy-Crush-like matching puzzle. The final task was an open text question, testing creativity of the participants.

We didn’t want to limit the interaction to a carrot-donkey situation, by sticking to the contest info only. The idea here was to show the personality of the brand, its voice and style. The activation brought amazing results, where over 60% of users who entered the Chatbot, finished the whole challenge. It’s hard to get this kind of conversion with other contest formats, especially considering that the interaction lasted for 5 days and integrated many goals like education, spreading brand and product awareness or lead collection. This is what true engagement looks like.

If you’re looking for a way to creatively and effectively interact with your brand’s audience, a full-packed Chatbot + Camera Effect + Game combo is your path to go. Down to 0,1$ for a lead. Just sayin’. Hit us up at and give your brand a voice.

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