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…and what is your Shopping Personality Disorder? Test you SPD with Coca-Cola Chatbot 🤓🛍

Over 20 countries, 10+ different language versions and one Chatbot fired off at the same time on Coca-Cola’s Facebook pages worldwide – running a check-up on people’s Shopping Personality Disorders. Scale at its best! We loved the idea from the very first sight.

Bot Like You x Coca-Cola: The Story

The Chatbot was designed to drive engagement, making the whole experience interesting and worth leaving some info about one’s usual shopping habits. Once poked, the Chatbot presented a variety of visually asked questions based on previously given answers. Users were presented with a nice, descriptive photo-conclusions each time they run a check-up.

Coca-Cola was not only able to collect valuable feedback concerning users’ shopping habits together with valid leads, but also show itself as a cool, fun brand around the world. If you want to share this experience and present your audience with something truly engaging, write to us at We will prepare a video visualisation, for 0$, in 48 hours max!

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