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Say: Hi Mercedes!๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome a New A Class Launched with a Messenger Chatbot ๐Ÿค–๐Ÿš˜

Have you ever wondered if it would be cool to talk with your car? Or maybe youโ€™ve already tried to speak up, but didnโ€™t get anything back? Well, now you can speak with the new Mercedes A Class! Since it is equipped with a voice controlled AI system, launching the car with a Chatbot definitely was the best fit.

Screens from Mercedes-Benz Messenger Experience

Anyone interested in the new car could have a quick chat with it on Facebook Messenger, so the vehicle may introduce itself, and make the best possible impression. The chatbots can be as complex as needed and this is the best example. It was composed of 9 sections with clips, photos and descriptions. Sections included: best features, interface introduction, car configurator, technical specs, comfort & safety, carโ€™s networks, consulting, finding the dealership and design – everything relevant while buying a new car in one place. The password to start off the conversation was โ€œHi, Mercedesโ€ as it is in the actual car, when driver wants the AI to take action.

The Chatbot suggested paths, yet constantly asks for directions so the user would be the one behind the wheel. Convinced? Ok, letโ€™s choose the engine, paint colour and click-through to the complete car configurator. Virtual configuration is probably the favourite activity of car enthusiasts! Ready for real decisions? The chatbot will also introduce you to the financial plans and guide you to the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Summing up, this was one of our most complex projects and we are very proud of the outcome. One thing is sure, now the new A Class knows how to sell itself! Send us a brief –, weโ€™ll prepare a free creative proposal ASAP.

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