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Take part in the Lottery and Play the Soccer Game to Get into the World Cup Vibe! ⚽️🏆

Visa was the general sponsor of 2018 World Cup. Our main objective in this project was the promotion of the company’s football lottery. So we’ve developed a football game with various versions of shooting penalties and different difficulty levels. The controls were very intuitive: just place your finger on the ball, swipe it straight to the net at the right moment and.. GOOOAL!

Bot Like You x VISA: The Story

After each play users had the option to share their score and the best ones were displayed on the leaderboard. Apart from the game, the chatbot included the lottery FAQ with rules, prizes and the mechanism explained. Users could pick specific questions and get the answers right away. With all of these features packed, we’ve also included an option to turn on the push notifications and a direct click-through to the official lottery website.

The process of communication with a chatbot itself is quite interesting – seems like the peer2peer experience is really working nowadays, also for brands from the financial sector that don’t seem very approachable and direct. All sums up to be a complete interactive promotion with a communication potential that is really hard to compete with.

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