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Swipe & Shake With KFC’s Messenger Chatbot 🍦🎁

It was a Messenger Chatbot with two main functions. The first one was a dedicated Messenger game called “Swipe & Shake” with a competitive feature, weekly rankings and prizes. The second was a consultant tool allowing users to contact the brand directly.

Bot Like You x KFC: The Story

KFC launched a Messenger chatbot to support its summer activation with a dedicated Messenger game. With just a few clicks the games is launched, providing a simple but engaging entertainment based literally on swiping & shaking. The more shakes, the better the score. An ongoing activation with different shakes tastes and backgrounds changed over time.

On the other hand, the Chatbot brought a tool to contact the consultant through a special tool so that the experience with the game won’t get interrupted by usual messaging. That was the requirement for the whole experience to happen and run as smooth as possible.

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