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An insurance company promoting their products with a Chatbot and AR Lens? Yup, and it was very exciting! 🤩🎉

Nationale-Nederlanden is an insurance company originating from the Netherlands. Their Polish branch decided to team up with Bot Like You to spread the word about their travel insurance and reach a new, younger target group, by using fresh and interactive content. The goal was not easy, but of course we’ve managed to prepare something both unique and effective.

Bot Like You x Nationale-Nederlanden: The Story

Together with NN, we’ve focused on two aspects: engagement and education in terms of their travel insurance offer. The edu part was aimed to simply describe the offer and point out the most important aspects, so that anyone could discover it in a minute or two. Engagement was boosted with a contest, where users had to take a selfie using a branded Facebook Camera Effect, send a pic to the chatbot and finally, answer an open question: What would your dream vacation be like? We’ve gathered many interesting answers, thanks to optimizing both the content and ad targeting.

This case study proves that each and every brand can utilize interactive and innovative formats while running a digital marketing campaign. Both AR Lenses and Chatbots can be adjusted to any brand’s personality and the objectives you want to achieve while starting an activation. Hit us up at and we’ll prepare a custom visualisation for you.

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