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Soplica Introduces a new, fresh Flavor! How you like them Apples? ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ

Together with Soplica, a Polish spirits brand, weโ€™ve created a contest based on both Messenger Chatbot and AR gaming experience. This time you had to enter the Facebook Camera Effect through a chatbot and score as many points as possible in the Catch-โ€˜Em-All-like gaming format.

Screens from Soplica Messenger Experience

In order to complete the contest, users had to send a photo with their score to the chatbot and answer one open question. Whatโ€™s really effective about this solution, is a fact that a chatbot collects all the data automatically, so managing the contest becomes really, really simple.

Thanks to connecting a chatbot with an AR effect, weโ€™ve managed to acquire a significant fanbase. Thousands of people, who we can now chat with – directly and effectively. What is really important while pitching a chatbot is a fact that this kind of activation is actually a long-term investment, allowing brands to create a whole new communications channel to interact with their fans.

Our activation for Soplica proves once again that the marriage of Messenger and AR is highly engaging and bring lots of possibilities for further communication. Storytelling has never been so interactive before! If your brand also has a story to tell, hit us up at You wonโ€™t find another experience-supplier like Bot Like You!

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