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Behold…This is His Holiness The Young Pope Chatbot! 📺😇

Vatican structures combined with mafia style games and conspiracies. That’s probably the shortest way to describe what The Young Pope is all about. Since the series was a hit in 2017, Kino TV needed a solid promotion for that one to get the best possible publicity after buying the license to show it on their channel. Chatbots are the latest proven channel of communication that enables users to always be up to date with what the brands are up to. Let’s see how it’s been carried out this time, shall we?

Screens from Kino TV: The Young Pope Messenger Experience

The first part of the chatbot was a quiz. Participants had a chance to win a free subscription to Filmbox premium – a streaming service. Five questions concerning the series and it’s main actor and an open one at the end – What would be your first decision after becoming the Pope? Contests, quizzes, polls etc. have never been so easy to perform before. In the aspect of any obligatory parts like Terms & Conditions or additional info, everything can be solved with a button – the flow will still be clear and coherent.

The other main paths were a trailer and the list of episodes with descriptions and teasers for each of them. The content chosen by users is always displayed in a form of messages, which proves unbeatable convenience and the smoothest user experience.

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