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Anchors Aweigh! The Port Chatbot Makes Us Play! 🚢⚓️

TVN Turbo is a TV channel specialized in automobiles, racing, gadgets, exceptional vehicles… Big Boys’ Toys, one can say. One of their latest production is a documentary concerning daily life of people working in the harbour. Biggest engines, biggest cranes, heavy loads, no room for boredom in here!

Bot Like You x TVN Turbo: The Story

Chatbot with an interactive game integrated fully inside the Messenger ecosystem, has definitely took the weight of promotion well. After entering the Chatbot, users were presented with three paths – the gametrailer of the series with character introduction and airing schedule. The last one offered the option of activating the push notifications, reminding users of the upcoming episodes.

Of course the part we’re the most proud of is the game. It resembles a merge of the classic tetris and the candy crush type. Sets of containers needed to be unloaded from the ship come down on our screen. Containers of the same color were supposed to be matched together in order to score points.

Given the player’s good management skills, the gameplay could last quite long. Hence including the leaderboard – a bit of competition is a fuel for such activations. It displayed top ten players and user’s current position. It also shows the efficiency of the campaign – thousands of people appeared in the chart with scores of several thousand points!

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