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In mood for a movie? Hard to choose what to watch? Don’t worry, Red will help! 🔴🍿

This simple, yet super useful chatbot we’ve developed for M&M’s, was aimed to suggest users what movies they might like to watch, based on just a few questions. What was really cool, is that we’ve connected the chatbot to the second biggest film database existing called Filmweb, which gave us the ability to propose totally different experience and choices to each and every user.

Screens from M&M’s Messenger Experience

The chatbot itself was as simple as one can be, yet it gave the brand the opportunity to find out more about their fans. Short, easy-to-answer questions like: Who do you watch movies with? or What are you up for tonight? allow brands to create custom audiences and group the users based on their voluntarily-given answers. What’s really great about this data-collection process is that it is the user who decides what he or she want to share, so later, when data is used to target the users with specific messages, the communication doesn’t feel spammy or pushy.

As you can see, a great chatbot doesn’t have to be loaded with tons of content. It’s sole purpose is to engage the users and interact with them in the most natural way possible. Hit us up at, we will be glad to tell your brand’s story!

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