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Talk through your own Tipo design with Fiat Chatbot on Messenger! 🚘

Car builder in Facebook Messenger? That’s right! We’ve created one for Fiat, on the occasion of the premiere of their new range of Tipo model. We have designed a Chatbot that will not only let users click-through to a sales assistant or get to know Fiat’s offer but mainly promote the new Tipo model and allow users to create their own version in a few, very simple, yet effective steps.

Bot Like You x Fiat: The Story

From picking the right model, through transmission type, wheels and engine to easier steps like car paint colour. All was done by the users who interacted with the Chatbot, guiding them step by step to keep the process fun and easy. In the end, everybody was getting high quality visuals available to download. However, in order to follow the sales funnel, the Chatbot prompted users to either find the closest Fiat dealer based on their current location, set up a test-drive appointment, leave their contact info, or simply switch to available sales assistants. Lead collection can’t get any more pleasant or easier than that.

As a cherry on top, we may also say Fiat’s Chatbot was the first one ever implemented by the brand and we’re more than happy to be a part of that story! If you too, just like Fiat, would like your brand to appear on Messenger skyline, hit us up at We prepare video mockups, free of charge!

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