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OMG, have you looked at the Mirror? You look exactly like Leo Messi! 🤩⚽️

Our activation with PepsiCo containing a Chatbot + AR experience was the first project of this kind, delivered fully inside Messenger platform. Thanks to direct cooperation with Facebook, we didn’t need to go to Facebook Camera to share the effect. It was implemented into Messenger Camera, which made the process of entering, sharing and saving the clips much easier.

Screens from an International Lay’s/Ruffles Messenger Experience

The whole action focused on soccer and the sports emotions connected with supporting your favourite team. Users could choose between three crazy camera effects to show their support and spirit of sportsmanship – confetti, air horns and tears of joy – check out the video! The additional attraction was the search for special effects. The lucky ones who, after entering the effect, have found themselves looking like Lay’s/Ruffles bag or Leo Messi, could count on cool football related prizes!

World Cup doesn’t happen every day, but lots of great opportunities lay ahead in terms of creating good chatbots and other viral activations. Keep your head open and hit us up as soon as the spark sparks:

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