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Classic Good vs Evil Story…Inside a Messenger Chatbot! 😇🆚😈

They say that the curiosity killed the cat. Well, we’ll do our best to bring yours back with satisfaction from our new chatbot developed with TVN7 to promote the TV channel’s recent hit – Lucifer.

The good old Personality Quiz has always been one of our clients’ favourite ways of engaging fans. Since the series deals with heaven and hell objectives the choice was quite natural. Within the must-haves for promoting TV series, like character introduction, ‘more about the series’ section or airing dates, we’ve added this one extra feature as a main engagement point. So, Are you an angel, or are you more of a Devil? Let’s find out! The quiz took place entirely within the Messenger Chatbot and consisted of five questions with multiple answers to choose from.

After answering all questions, the chatbot would give users the result along with an encouraging sharing button. What’s common to this type of multi purpose chatbots is the intuitive navigation. In any time it’s easy to get back to main menu and change the section – user gives orders, chatbot responds accordingly.

Do you have an idea for engaging content? Contact us at, we’ll put it in a chatbot and allow your fans to experience your brand in a whole new way!

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