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Up to Chill with Lubelska? This Chatbot won’t let you forget about your favourite event! 🍹🎡

Lubelska, a Polish brand known for their fruity alcoholic drinks went on a tour, following festivals organized for students all over the country. The brand prepared stands with free shots for the students. Sure thing, no student needs encouragement to take part in such an enterprise, but still, people needed to hear the news somehow.

After an essential question about being at least 18 years old, chatbot started the rather playful Personality Test. From the answers where users could choose their favourite travel destinations, music taste, cocktails and party types, the brand’s chatbot suggested one of nine Lubelska flavours. Once users got to this point, they were presented with more specific info.

They got to choose from six party locations with Lubelska stands. After the choice is made, chatbot presented the attractions on site, precise location on the map and even enabled users to turn on the push notifications so nobody would miss the event!

At this point we issue chatbots by dozens, weekly. Don’t hesitate to use our experience in your brand’s favour. Pass us a line at, we’ll come up with something great.

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