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Comment with #CONTEST and Win Something Sweet! 🍫🍬🎁

Mieszko, a Polish chocolate manufacturer aims at vivid social media communication, performing contests every now and then and making the brand/customer relation stronger. This cooperation was a great opportunity to test a shortcut for Facebook promotion while the interaction mechanisms are all kept in a Messenger Chatbot.

A comment with a #Contest hashtag under a FB post started off the conversation in a form of Personality Test, ending with an open text contest. This integration feature brings lots of opportunities for future use. A Facebook post can be promoted and quickly gain momentum. Such Facebook – Messenger shortcut would be a great way of introducing the channel to the users who have never taken part in a Messenger contest or conversed with a Chatbot before.

The Messenger brand communication is constantly developing and tends to take over a fair share of social media market. Our solutions allow combinations of any promotional content in one chatbot: Games, AR effects, Personality Tests, Polls, basically anything a brand could wish for. All packed in one neatly arranged Chatbot!

Want to shorten the distance between your brand and fans? Chatbots stand for direct communication and it works wonders. – let us know what you need, we’ll come up with some original ideas.

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