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Ready to conquer the Big Apple? Take your chances with our Stock Chatbot 🗽🇺🇸

So you think you know New York? If you’re right you should have taken part in Go Stock contest that was supported with our dedicated Chatbot. The prize was worth it – a trip to…obviously New York! But let us just say a few words about what we did here together with the Stock Spirits digital team.

The bot was a part of a huge marketing campaign and our task was to drive engagement and traffic to the main contest landing page from Facebook Messenger. The brand promoted the contest with a post, encouraging users to have a chat with their Chatbot and take part in the quiz. Users were supposed to provide answers to simple questions based on photo visuals and related to New York.

Simple, yet very interactive, we have reached around 95% click-through rate to the contest page. Well, who would not want to visit New York 😉 In case you’d like to entertain your audience in a fresh, new way, email us at

We prepare video mockups, free of charge!

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