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Dig The Miners on Discovery Channel! 👷‍♂️⚒📺

Do you think being a miner is an easy way to make a living, or there’s no tougher job in the world? Brace yourself for a new Discovery Channel TV show about mining in Silesia, Poland, which will give you the answers to questions like that and many more. In order to become a know-it-all, you don’t have to do more than have a chat on Facebook Messenger with Discovery Channel bot we have developed for the show premiere.

The Chatbot has been designed in a very specific way to support both the pre-launch campaign and heat up the tension while the show is already out. Chatbot’s first task was to promote the show with an introductory quiz where users had a chance to meet the show main characters as every day a new person was asking quiz questions leading to an open-text one in the end. Once the show was running, the Chatbot was completely transformed into a word-guessing quiz where users had to guess the meaning of certain phrases from regional Silesian dialect. The nice touch here is that once an answer is given, one of the show main characters comes back to the user with a video answer!

In addition to the engagement part, we have also designed a broad variety of paths users are able to take while interacting. From a chat with a consultant, through episodes descriptions, protagonists profiles, teasers updated weekly, TV schedules; new and past episodes, to click-through to the dedicated Discovery Channel contest landing page!

So if, you’re still wondering if miners have the toughest job on earth, meet the Chatbot and set up an automatic reminder 15 mins prior to the new episode premiere, 95% of the users have already done so! Let us know when you will be planning something cool, we provide truly engaging solutions at

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